Innovate or Die

The average lifespan on the S&P 500 has never been shorter than today

In the last decades it has become clear that corporations are facing continuous disruption.

Because disruption - addressing a market that previously couldn’t be served or creating simpler, cheaper or more convenient alternatives to existing products - has never been developing faster than today. The competition is no longer peers or near-peers in your industry; Today, small and agile startups out of nowhere are being funded at an unprecedented level to fight the incumbents, the established industry leaders.

However, most large companies find it impossible to respond to disruption because they are still centered around the very slow and cumbersome processes, tools, skills, methodologies, roles, compliancies and KPIs that block innovation and make them vulnerable to being disrupted by startups in the first place.

Companies stagnate and die from failing to continuously find and execute new Business Models before their current one becomes obsolete. They fail to attract, motivate, support and retain the innovative people needed to find the new Business Models and they don't have the processes in place to continuosly discover, explore and exploit new innovative ideas from within. Instead they are mostly looking for answers outside of the company in mergers and acquisitions that on average fail 70-90% of the time.

The companies who have become masters of continuous innovation have realised that innovation doesn't come from plans or people outside the company – It is found in the people they already have inside, those who really understand their company’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

They have also realised that they need new processes, tools, skills, methodologies, roles and KPIs to be able to compete with startups and disrupt themselves from the inside instead of being disrupted from the outside.

+ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES helps medium and large corporations and organisations avoid stagnation and achieve continuous innovation as a predictable process by empowering their core assets - their employees - with proven actionable answers to the questions of how to attract, motivate, support and retain innovative people, and how to generate, discover, explore, and exploit innovative new business ideas in your company, enabling you to find and execute new business models and create new markets before your current ones become obsolete.

We help master innovation in your company as a scalable and repeatable process at up to 50 times the speed of traditional methods.

In not so many words,we help prepare your company for tomorrow today
- the startup way



Lean Innovation

Learn How to Manage Corporate Innovation & Make it Work




Innovation as a Process

Predictable, scalable and data-driven

Companies who have become masters of innovation have realized that innovation doesn't come from plans or people outside their company – Not Mergers & Acquisitions as they fail 70% to 90% of the time according to the scientific research done by several independent sources like Bain & Company, Hay Group with La Sorbonne, and KPMG.

It is found in the people you already have inside, those who really understand your company’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

Companies who master innovation have also come to understand that the old tools, methodologies, processes, organisation, skills, metrics and KPIs that were once very effective for executing their business to scale have become impediments that are antithetical to continuous innovation.

New tools, methodologies, processes, organisation, skills, metrics and KPIs are needed to enable the continuous search for new business models to scale and execute.

+ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES provides companies with actionable and proven programs - the innovation engine - to master innovation as a predictable, scalable, repeatable, and data-driven process. In not so many words, we help prepare you for tomorrow today - the startup way.



Education & Training

Innovation runs on people. The obvious place to start is with training your people, with educating all of your employees in the best experiential entrepreneurial innovation methodologies available, not just for cherry picked favorites or as a reward incentive for the few, if you expect sustained change to in your company.

And you don't have to take our word for it. MITSloan Management Review recently published a research report explaing why learning is central to sustained innovation, emphatically stating:

"Many managers think they can create better products just by improving the development process or adding new tools. But it's skilled people, not processes, that create great products. So-called “lean” organizations invest heavily and continuously in the skills of product developers, and rather than developing single products, they think in terms of streams of products. By making people the backbone of the product development system, companies can achieve a triple win: increased innovation, faster time to market, and lower costs."

Real innovation only happens through actions, so this training includes the experiences of going through the real world challenges of bringing a new innovation to market, forcing employees to get outside of the office and their comfort zone, interviewing customers in the real market, discovering that many of their assumptions about their innovation ideas are wrong.

We provide the Master Classes and experiential programs needed to empower your most important asset - your people - to move beyond the idea stage. We also help you educate your board and key management stakeholders and train your own people and certify them as trainers enabling you to own and run your own innovation process.

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Because executing your existing business model is not enough to sustain your business in the future, we need new and different methodologies geared towards searching for and testing new business models. We need new methodologies optimized for the unknown, for de-risking high risk ventures and achieving substantial results. And in these rapidly changing times, you need those results much faster than in the past to be able to exploit a competitive advantage.

The Lean Startup methodologies (Business Model Generation, Customer Discovery and Agile Engineering) offers teachable proven methods to search faster, decrease risk and produce measurable results that matter.

Even the Harvard Business Review already realized "The Lean Startup Changes Everything" in 2013:

"[...] as its practices spread, they’re turning the conventional wisdom about entrepreneurship on its head. New ventures of all kinds are attempting to improve their chances of success by following its principles of failing fast and continually learning. And despite the methodology’s name, in the long term some of its biggest payoffs may be gained by the large companies that embrace it."

Now is the time for you to embrace it too.

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Programs & Processes

One of the key success factors of large companies is the execution of scalable and repeatable processes. To enable successful continuous innovation in your organization, you need to stop thinking about innovation as an exception. Innovation happens as a deliberate result of a disciplined process integral to all areas of your organization, not by accident.

We help you integrate and manage innovation as a scalable and repeatable process - an innovation engine - that is capable of delivering measurable results up to 50x faster than traditional innovation methods, enabling your company to place many more little bets, decrease risk and cost of innovation overall, increase invest and autonomy in each respective venture over time based on real data instead of gut feelings, eliminating risk and increasing investment at each phase.

Each phase of the innovation process comes with its own set of programs tailored to the respective stage and modeled from the best examples in the startup and venture capital world, providing a transparent and predictable framework for managers, stakeholders and employees, helping you decide which innovation ventures to kill or extend at every step of the discovery, exploration and validation phase and which at the end to spin in or spin out to exploit.

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Innovation Metrics & KPI

Metrics and KPIs are an integral part of what makes a great company operate successfully. However, you cannot apply the metrics and KPIs of business as usual to your new innovation ventures as they are operating with a whole other level of uncertainty, searching for the new business models - not executing the existing one.

Innovation needs radically different ways of measuring performance and readiness than business as usual. The Innovation Readiness Level (IRL) is a new way to help you quantify relative risk based on the Technology Readiness Level (TLR) created and applied by NASA and the US Department of Defence and also used in European organizations like ESA.

The IRL provides you with a data-driven metric to base your investment decisions on and it is adaptable to your company's innovation strategy needs, helping you prioritize for speed and risk.

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Management Tools

Successful innovation at scale also requires new digital management tools, because the old ones are geared towards forecasting based on past operational data from your existing business model. As innovation ventures by their very definition is doing something nobody has done before, they do not have any past relevant operational data to forecast on. Instead, we need new management tools that track the verification progress of new business models in a scientific way. Tools that provide real data on how the innovation ventures are actually performing - both today and comparable over time.

We have partnered with Launchpad Central to provide you with some of the best tools of the trade. Based in Silicon Valley, Launchpad Central provide centralised platforms like Launchpad and Glidr for your enterprise innovation portfolio management needs. The software enables teams to track and analyze the evolution of their business model and make data-driven decisions in the search for product-market fit. At the enterprise level, it turns team activity into data that rationalize startup metrics with important business KPIs with easy dashboard views, helping executives and managers compare projects and make more informed decisions about what to move to the next step of the innovation process. Users include Roche, Genentech, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and Mayo Clinic as well as over 120 universities (like Stanford, Berkeley, Penn, etc) and startup accelerators (like The National Science Foundation, Dreamit Ventures, Clean Tech Open, etc) worldwide.

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Innovation Outposts

Countries in the colonial era launched expeditions into unknown territories in search of new economic advantages. The people who embarked on these journeys were colonists who gave up some of their safe and predictable surroundings in the old world in order to achieve power and autonomy in the new world.

When an innovation venture reaches a certain stage, corporations need to enable the people driving the ventures to embark on their own path to autonomy, and the research shows success is most likely if this takes place at a location outside and removed from daily operations. We call these corporate colonies "Innovation Outposts".

We work with innovation centers and facilities around the world to provide access and closeness to industry clusters in e.g. Germany, BeNeLux, Scandinavia, Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. We also help companies set up their own Innovation Outpost closer to home.

The Outposts come with a turnkey program and schedule analogous to the best startup accelerators in the venture world, supporting the outpost inhabitants achieving the metrics that matter in a learning startup environment, out of reach from "business as usual".

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Human Assets

People are your most valuable asset because innovation and growth depends on people. The number one factor venture capitalists use as their success criteria for investing in a startup is people. Because only people can transform a novel idea into an actual new successful business at scale. And only the right kind of people can transform ideas into successful actions.

And we are not talking about people from outside, but the people you already have on the inside - those who really understand your strengths and weaknesses, those who are already close to your customers and markets.

However, most people working inside a corporation are there because they have self-selected to prefer security and stability - the polar oppisites of autonomy and uncertainty - the factors that attract the entrepreneurial types perfect for running innovation ventures. So you need a way for your most entrepreneurial employees to self-select and step forward. Because you cannot just appoint or "promote" people to be leaders of your innovation ventures. You cannot apply arbitrary selection and expect people to be successful.

That is why we provide you with proven programs enabling all of your employees to have an equal chance to participate and self-identfy in a safe experimental learning environment with no risk of adverse consequences.

We also know that many corporations sometimes lack certain skills or capabilities internally, that's why we also help augment your innovation ventures by providing expert human assets from the outside to complement you internal ventures if needed.

By bringing in experienced entrepreneurs, providing your ventures with effective and experienced mentors, we also help move your innovation teams further faster, raising the bar in intellectual honesty and expectations towards actual progress.

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Innovation & Growth Through Science + Entrepreneurship

+ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES helps provide actionable answers for medium and large companies to the questions of how to attract, motivate, support and retain innovative people and how to generate, discover, explore, and exploit innovative ideas for new growth.

In not so many words, we help companies get ready for tomorrow today - the startup way.

We believe innovation without growth, without measurable results that matter, is wasteful. And we strongly believe the only way to achieve innovation and growth predictably and continuously is to combine science with entrepreneurship.

Science, because we recognize the power of the scientific method to discover what works and what doesn't as the best one yet.

Entrepreneurship, because we recognize that entrepreneurial people is the very instrument of innovation.

We help companies worldwide in English, German, French, Dutch, Scandinavian and Mandarin.

Innovation in your company will never happen by external consultants

It has to come from the people you already have inside, those who really understand your company’s strengths and challenges

That's why our mission is to empower you to manage and run your own innovation, inside your company, by yourself, using your own people at up to 50 times the speed of traditional innovation programs



Uniquely positioned

+ANDERSEN is as far removed from consultants as can be. We are first and foremost entrepreneurs. We only employ other startup founders with track records. We are all founders who know from first-hand experience what we are talking about and who also have the required corporate experience, enabling us to speak your language and transfer our knowledge successfully to you in your corporate context.

We are uniquely positioned within four core spheres of innovation:


We teach the latest in proven, experienced-based entrepreneurial methodologies from Stanford and Berkeley. We also teach regularly at name-brand universities to stay on top of our teaching game and are up to date on and connected to the latest developments in proven teachable methodologies. We might not be able to teach people how to be entrepreneurial, but we know from first-hand experience that we can teach entrepreneurial people the methodologies to move much further, much faster.


Having over 20 years experience in digital transformation and innovation with some of the largest corporations in the world, we know your company is not a startup. We intimately know the rules and mechanics of the corporate world. We know how you tick. We speak your language. In a field where most only talk about the advantages of a startup, we also know the advantages of the corporation towards innovation and how to leverage them. We know what works - and what doesn't.


We recognize that innovation runs on people; A special type of people known as entrepreneurs. And since it takes an entrepreneur to recognize an entrepreneur, we only employ other entrepreneurs - not consultants - to ensure we are able to recognize your innovation talents, transfer the right knowledge based on actual experience and give effective, independent feedback and advice with the intellectual honesty of peers.


Being founders ourself, we bring you the startup mindset from first-hand experience - we intimately know the strengths and weaknesses of a startup organization. As we are deeply involved in startup communities around the world, we also provide unparalleled access to new exciting startups and experienced founders with the domain expertise to fit your innovation challenges.

Entrepreneurial Roots

+ANDERSEN was founded in early 2013 by award winning startup founder, internet software veteran and educator Vidar Andersen as a consequence of the growing demand for his diverse innovation experience.

Back then he started to research and adapt the best practices from the venture capital and startup world, adapting them to the corporate setting. Since then, we have been fine-tuning what works and what doesn't by running experiments, different forms and versions of our programs, together with our customers.

Today we are proud and excited to offer field-tested and proven programs and processes that work for most industries. And our own learning and improvement process never stops, constantly gathering new insights and improving our models and programs, insuring that we practice what we preach so that our customers get the most effective and up to date programs currently available.


Our Customers

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Monika Kapoor - Manager of the Onlife Graduates Program at Telefónica

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