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So what is this about, anyway? The founder of +ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES, Vidar Andersen, has been holding free Open Office Hours for startup founders and entrepreneurial students since 2007. Now in 2018 we're introducing the Open Office Hours format to answer questions from corporate innovators, entrepreneurs and troublemakers, sharing from our long experience with helping companies and organisations speed up innovation and achieving real results - the startup way - since 2013.

Why? Because we want this information, this experience, to reach more good companies and good people than those our modestly sized company can serve. We want to contribute more towards accelerating and improving corporate innovation and help more good people succeed.

For free. Firstly, because we at capacity and don't need to sell you anything. Secondly, we know there are a lot of good people out there in desperate need of some immediate help, with no time to lose waiting for office politics or red tape to clear. Thirdly, because many smaller companies can not afford hiring services like ours - and we would love to be able to be helpful to most people tasked with innovation, not exclusively to the companies with the budgets already available to afford us.

And this is first and foremost about you. So join us and let's have a conversation about your pressing questions and your topics of interest.


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Vidar Andersen

Let's have a conversation about the questions and challenges you face today!

Vidar Andersen - Founding Principal, +ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES

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