+ANDERSEN helps prepare people, business, and organisations for tomorrow today.

Providing Consulting & Advisory, Education & Training, Support, Mentoring & Coaching, Product Development, Execution & Digitalization ("Outsourced Innovation") to Large and Medium sized Companies, Organisations (GOs & NGOs), Startup Support Programs (like incubators and accelerators) and Educational Institutions (like colleges and universities) since 2013.


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Education & Training, Digital Development, Support & Processes




Education & Training

Innovation runs on people. The obvious place to start is with educating and training all of your people in the best experiential entrepreneurial innovation methodologies available. If you expect sustained change and improved outcomes, you should start training everybody - not just a select few.

And you don't have to take our word for it. MITSloan Management Review published a research report explaining why learning is central to sustained innovation, emphatically stating:

"Many managers think they can create better products just by improving the development process or adding new tools. But it's skilled people, not processes, that create great products.

So-called “lean” organisations invest heavily and continuously in the skills of product developers, and rather than developing single products, they think in terms of streams of products.

By making people the backbone of the product development system, companies can achieve a triple win: increased innovation, faster time to market, and lower costs."

Real innovation only happens through actions, not talking, so this training also includes the experiences of going through the real world challenges of bringing a new innovation to market, pushing people to get outside of the office and outside of their comfort zone, interviewing customers and users in the real market, discovering that many of their assumptions about their innovation ideas are wrong - and learning that this is normal and what to do about it.

We help people, organisations, startup support programs, and medium to large sized enterprises successfully move beyond the idea stage and navigate and master innovation in an environment of extreme uncertainty throug our educational Masterclasses and experiential support programs.

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Development & Digitalisation

For many companies and organisations, it can be hard to create the first versions of an actual new product; The required capacity is not available, may already be reserved to - or even in competition with - the "core business".

Maybe the required skillset even doesn’t exist internally yet. Sometimes doing it internally also takes too long, involves too many departments, too many decision makers, too many levels of red tape.

Other times, the potential liability of building and testing something entirely new can be too risky to commit to internally; By outsourcing it to us, you get all the credit when it succeeds - and even if it should fail, there will be no detrimental consequences to the brand or your career - it would be on us.

What sets us apart from most companies in our domain is that we are first and foremost practicioners - operators with nearly 30 years of creating and developing innovative digital products - not theoretical management consultants.

We work with corporations and organisations to build what they need at unprecedented speed, extreme agility, and often at a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to do it internally, creating functional prototypes and MVPs, allowing them to extend their capabilities on demand, getting the feedback they need to start validating the new business opportunities by gathering real customer data from a live product.

From Web and Mobile Apps to Nanotech, with nearly 30 years of experience in helping large and medium enterprises, global iconic brands, GOs, and NGOs, we can be trusted to always deliver.

For some of our customers, it may also make sense to create and grow these development capabilities internally over time. In any case - we got you covered right now, so the innovation teams can build what they need today and at the same time enabling management to start exploring if and how these capabilities could be internalised - without having to commit upfront.

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Programs, Processes, & Support

One of the key success factors of companies and organisations is the implementation of scalable and repeatable processes. Innovation should not be treated as an exception to this rule, because we now known that innovation happens as a deliberate result of a disciplined process integral to all areas of your organisation, not by accident.

We can help you support innovation as a scalable and repeatable process that is capable of delivering measurable results 50x faster - and with an 44% increase in fundability - than traditional innovation methods.

We'll help you benefit from implementing the programs and processes that allows companies and organisations to try out more things in a much shorter timespan, finding out what works and what doesn't much faster while decreasing risk, decreasing costs, and increasing fundability and probability of success - starting today.

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Lean Launchpad at digitalHUB Aachen



Andi Dreger, digitalHUB Aachen

Andi Dreger
Head of Incubation at digitalHUB Aachen

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“Working with +ANDERSEN for over 7 years, together we have achieved an impressive 87% survival rate for the startups participating in our incubation program!”



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Some of the corporations and organisations that we have worked with include Deutsche Telekom (DTAG), AXA, USAID (United States Agency for International Development), Philip Morris International, ABInBev, Henkel, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Henkel, BMW Group, Zentis, RTL, BARCO, Bertelsmann, Reifenhäuser, ottobock, Vebego, Yello Strom, traveltainment (The Amadeus Leisure Group), dmexco, Carlsen Verlag, Mainzer Stadtwerke, NRW.INVEST, Startup Braga, Founders Foundation, Business France, digitalHUB Aachen, digihub Düsseldorf, digitalhub Cologne, digitalhub Bonn, IHK, AHK, and other iconic brands under NDA.




Innovation & Growth Through Science + Entrepreneurship


We help people, companies, and organisations prepare for tomorrow today.


Founded in 2013 to help people, companies and organisations to consistently reach their innovation and digitalisation goals.

We know innovation can never be driven or led by outside consultants; It has to come from the people already on the inside, those who really understand the organisation's strengths and challenges. That's why we only employ experienced founders - practitioners who have actually been there and done that - zero consultants or academic theorists, to work together with your people, your teams.

We provide actionable answers for medium and large companies and organisations (GOs and NGOs) to the questions of how to attract, motivate, support and retain your innovative people and how to structure and manage programs to predictably generate, discover, explore, and exploit innovative ideas for new measurable growth.

And with nearly 30 years of experience with outsourced digital innovation for large to medium enterprises and government organisations, we are also a trusted partner for most digital innovation development needs, delivering at a speed and agility not achievable in-house.


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Innovator Masterclass at Telefónica



Monika Kapoor, Telefonica

Monika Kapoor
Manager at Telefónica

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“Thank you for the great Masterclass - we all love it!




Startup Engagement & Coaches as a Service for Business France



Pauline Gauthier, Manager of 'Impact Germany' at Business France

Pauline Gauthier
Manager at Business France

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“+ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES is a key element to the success of our "Impact Germany" accelerator program!”



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