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We exist since 2013 to empower companies and organisations to successfully manage and run their own continuous innovation, inside the organisation, by themselves, using their own people - at 50 times the speed of traditional innovation programs.

And innovation in your organisation can never be driven or led by outside consultants. It has to come from the people already on the inside, those who really understand the organisation's strengths and challenges.

That's why +ANDERSEN consist only of experienced founders - practitioners who have actually been there and done that - zero consultants or academic theorists.

We provide actionable answers for medium and large companies and organisations to the questions of how to attract, motivate, support and retain your innovative people and how to generate, discover, explore, and exploit innovative ideas for new measurable growth from within.

Innovation without measurable results that matter kills motivation, kills initiative, kills companies - and we know from first hand experience that the best way to achieve measurable innovation, predictably and continuously, is to combine science with entrepreneurship.


because the scientific method to test and measure what works and what doesn't is the best one yet

because entrepreneurial people is the very instrument of innovation

The Startup Way
because a startup is the optimal vehicle for disruptive innovation at speed


+ (plus), because we add value to your existing assets - we work together with your people - not in parallel or instead of you.

Andersen, because we believe there's nothing more honest and accountable than naming the company after the founder. What you see is what you get; We have skin in this game.

& Associates, because we recognise that the best innovation talents - the real operators, the real entrepreneurs - are not employable. That's why we only work with entrepreneurs as independent associates - zero consultants or academic theorists on a monthly salary.


In not so many words, we help companies prepare for tomorrow today



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Image of Vidar Andersen on stage keynoting the RTL Digital Shapers conference


Entrepreneurial Roots

+ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES was founded in 2013 by award winning startup founder, digital innovation veteran and entrepreneurship educator Vidar Andersen.

Andersen started out as a professional in the digital innovation field in the mid nineties and survived the dotcom boom Web 1.0 crash. Along the way he also co-founded the highly successful enterprise content management system Plone (users include The FBI, The CIA, NASA JPL, and many more), invented the first web-based Learning Management System in the world for the Norwegian Government, created the first real Social Discovery app for the iPhone, and at one point he found himself serving as Head of Digital at the lead agency to T-Mobile International. His work has been featured and recognised around the world by the likes of New York Times, CNN, TechCrunch, and Die Welt and has been seen and used by billions.

As an educator and speaker on startup entrepreneurship, innovation, and digitalisation he has been invited to teach and speak from Stanford, Cambridge, University of Cologne, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Basel Switzerland, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dokuz Eylul University Izmir in Turkey to Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU) in Iran.

Because of his vast professional experience helping large international corporations and organizations like Statoil, TeeKay Shipping, Shell, Esso, Exxon, T-Mobile International, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, The Royal Norwegian Government, The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research innovate and digitise processes since the mid 1990s, he quickly realised that the Lean Startup methodologies and best practices from the startup world was also highly applicable to the corporate world.

Applying his first-hand experience from both sides of the table, he started researching the best practices from the venture capital and startup world, adapting them to a corporate innovation setting, fine-tuning what worked and what didn't by running experiments, trying out different forms and versions of new innovation programs together with customers.

That is why today +ANDERSEN is able to offer field-tested and proven innovation programs and processes that work for most companies in most industries. Customers include Deutsche Telekom, ABInBev, AXA, Philip Morris International, BMW Group, Bertelsmann, BARCO, Henkel, Yello Strom, Telefónica, Zentis, Vebego, Traveltainment, The Amadeus Leisure Group, Carlsen Publishers, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Mainzer Stadtwerke, and more iconic brands still under NDA.



"Master-mind 2022"

"Germany's Wisest Minds"


Founding Principal Vidar Andersen selected as Mastermind 2022
Logos of DUP UNTERNEHMER-Magazin, DIND - Deutsches Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung and the VORDENKER 2022 initiative

We are honoured that our Founding Principal Vidar Andersen has been selected as one of the “Vordenker 2022 - Deutschlands klügste Köpfe” (“Masterminds 2022 - Germany’s Wisest Minds”).

The initiative is a co-operation between Germany’s largest business magazine "DUP UNTERNEHMER-Magazin" (a Handelsblatt Group joint venture) and "DIND - Deutsches Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung" (DIND - The German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation).

You can read the full interview in the DUP Magazin online.

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Uniquely positioned

+ANDERSEN is as far removed from consultants and academic theorists as can be. We are first and foremost startup entrepreneurs. We only employ founders who know from first-hand experience what we are talking about and who also have the required corporate experience, enabling us to speak your language and transfer our knowledge successfully to you in your corporate context.

We are uniquely positioned within four core spheres of innovation:


We teach the latest in proven, experienced-based entrepreneurial methodologies from Stanford and Berkeley. We also teach regularly at name-brand universities to stay on top of our teaching game and are up to date on and connected to the latest developments in proven teachable methodologies. We might not be able to teach people how to be entrepreneurial, but we know from first-hand experience that we can teach entrepreneurial people the methodologies to move much further, much faster.


Having over 25 years experience in working with digital transformation and innovation with some of the largest corporations in the world, we know your company is of course not a startup. We intimately know the culture, politics, and processes of the corporate world. We know how you tick. We speak your language. In a field where most only talk about the advantages of a startup, we also know the advantages of the corporation towards innovation and how to leverage them. We know what works - and what doesn't.


We recognise that innovation runs on people; A special type of people known as entrepreneurs. And since it takes an entrepreneur to recognise an entrepreneur, we only employ other entrepreneurs - not consultants - to ensure we are able to recognise your innovation talents, transfer the right knowledge based on actual experience and give effective, independent feedback and advice with the intellectual honesty of peers.


Being founders ourself, we bring you the startup mindset from first-hand experience - we intimately know the strengths and weaknesses of a startup organisation. As we are deeply involved in startup communities around the world, we also provide unparalleled access to new exciting startups and experienced founders with the domain expertise to fit your innovation challenges.

What we do

Education & Training


Development & Digitalisation


Support & Structure


One + Two


One + Three


Two + Three


One + Two + Three


For whom we do it

& Medium


GOs & NGOs




One + Two


One + Three


Two + Three


One + Two + Three


Why with us

50x Faster


Zero Consultants
or Theorists


+25 years
Startup + Corporate


One + Two


One + Three


Two + Three


One + Two + Three




For Executive C-Level Managers

  • We provide you with tested, proven, actionable answers to the questions of how to generate, discover, explore, and exploit innovative new business ideas from within the company
  • Help create and nurture a sustainable innovation culture
  • Developing or improving a sustainable and predictable innovation strategy
  • Support digital transformation and change management
  • Enabling a more lean and agile company
  • Achieving innovation results at 50x the speed of traditional methods
  • Defining, creating, or improving innovation governance in the organisation
  • Innovation Masterclasses for executives


For Innovation Managers

  • We help you design, improve, and manage innovation programs
  • Support with securing buy-in from the board and executive management
  • Help with implementing innovation programs and strategies
  • Empowerment through our Innovation Masterclasses for Innovation Managers


For Innovation Catalysts

  • We train you as the trainer, making you independent of external trainers or consultants
  • Empower you through our Masterclasses on the different innovation methodologies (e.g. Pitching & Getting Stakeholder Buy-In, Lean Startup, Innovation Accounting, Design Thinking, Customer Development, Agile Development, MVP, Experiment & Research Design, Business Model Innovation / Business Model Canvas, etc.).
  • Help securing buy-in and support from Innovation Managers to reach your innovation goals


For Innovation Teams & Intra-preneurs

  • We provide you with professional support and coaching free from office politics during your innovation projects
  • Our "Mentors as a Service" gives you real on-demand entrepreneurial knowledge and support from outside the organisation
  • Our "MVP & Potptype as a Service" gives you executing superpowers, delivering faster, better, and often cheaper by using external handpicked teams of experts
  • On-the-job training & education in innovation methodologies
  • Providing structure with programs and frameworks for predictability, efficiency, and stability in your innovation process


For Human Resources (HR)

  • We give you tested, proven, and actionable answers to the questions of how to attract, motivate, support and retain innovative people in the form of education and training through structured programs and processes
  • Quality Assurance (QA), evaluation or support of existing innovation efforts


For Startup Support Programs

  • Providing structure and predictability with support frameworks for accelerators and incubators that are proven to improve startup outcomes
  • We train your startup teams with our programs proven to improve their resilience and quality of results
  • We coach and mentor your startup teams to improve the outcomes and enable them to go further faster
  • We act as a Quality Assurance (QA); For evaluation of, or support of existing programs, regularly reporting back to you directly, providing a healthy feedback loop


For GOs, NGOs, and Non-Profits

  • We help your startup support programs and entrepreneurship education initiatives with education & training, support programs structured to individual needs, program support and quality control, and management of incubator and accelerator programs
  • We are able to offer GOs, NGOs, and non-profits special rates that meet most regulatory and budgetary constraints


Virtual & Remote Available

Wether your people are in the office on-premise centrally or working remotely, we've got you covered:

All our programs and services are also available remote in the video conferencing and remote collaboration tools you already using, live from our streaming studio.




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